[Openfire] Openfire 3.4.0にバージョンアップ







3.4.0 — October 31, 2007

Openfire New Features
  • [JM-1122] – Added support for XEP-0163: Personal Eventing via Pubsub. Thanks to Armando Jagucki.
  • [JM-65] – Added roster management from the admin console. (53 votes)
  • [JM-773] – Photos can now be retrieved from LDAP for vcards. (42 votes)
  • [JM-635] – Plugins can now be uploaded from the admin console. (3 votes)
  • [JM-537] – Added crossdomain.xml support for Flash. (7 votes)
  • [JM-1147] – Added support for XEP-0059: Result Set Management.
  • [JM-1124] – Improved performance of SSL HTTP binding.
  • [JM-1128] – Added RSS feed to the admin console to read igniterealtime news.
  • [JM-1046] – Added support for privacy list event listener.
  • [JM-1121] – Events are now triggered when an available or unavailable presence is received for remote users.
  • [JM-1061] – Events are now triggered after trying to load/unload plugins.
  • [JM-1118] – Allowed to add new identities to be included in disco#info replies.
  • [JM-1119] – Allowed to add new items to disco#item replies sent to bare JIDs.
  • [JM-1120] – Modified PresenceEventListener to include presence subscription events.
  • [JM-1151] – IQResultListeners are now alerted when no answer was received after a while.
  • [JM-1159] – Updated MySQL driver to latest version.
  • [JM-1089] – Updated bouncycastle library to latest version.
  • [JM-1142] – Updated Base64 implementation.
  • [JM-1158] – Updated jTDS to latest version.
Openfire Bug Fixes
  • [JM-1150] – Messages sent to bare JID were being sent to session with oldest activity rather than latest activity.
  • [JM-1075] – Message sent to unavailable full JID of existing user was not routed to the bare JID.
  • [JM-1145] – SASL authentication was sometimes ignoring initial tokens.
  • [JM-1084] – Users in another domain could set the vCard of an Openfire user.
  • [JM-1066] – Client idle timeout was considering incoming and outgoing traffic. (3 votes)
  • [JM-1144] – Messages with body and subject were processed as attempts to change the room subject.
  • [JM-1153] – Column in mucConversationLog was using a reserved work in Blackfish SQL.
  • [JM-1082] – Fixed NPE in MUCRoomImpl.
  • [JM-1058] – Renamed many column names to be comparible with Firebird SQL and Blackfish SQL. (1 vote)
  • [JM-1169] – Big vcards were being truncated in mysql.
  • [JM-1154] – End of stream was not being sent to client when closing connections from the server.
  • [JM-1080] – Fixed custom database groups integration bug.
  • [JM-1131] – Multiple consecutive spaces in a contact’s group name were replaced with a single space.
  • [JM-1050] – Proxy transfer streams are now closed more reliably.
  • [JM-1052] – Media proxy could fail when using SRV record.
  • [JM-1059] – Clients could hang when trying to use stream compression.
  • [JM-1085] – Active sessions are now closed and a stream error is returned when cancelling a user account.
  • [JM-1091] – Connected but not available sessions appeared as online in the session summary page.
  • [JM-1051] – PluginManager can now return the JAR/WAR file that created a plugin.
  • [JM-1055] – Plugins are now initialized using plugin class loader.
  • [JM-1056] – Port listeners are started once plugins have been loaded.
  • [JM-1152] – Plugins failed to load if there was a newline in the class name.
  • [JM-1092] – Plugins that failed to be unloaded were reloaded.
  • [JM-1095] – Fixed session counter when closing session that never authenticated.
  • [JM-1070] – Counter of sent packets from the server to the client was always zero.
  • [JM-1096] – HTTP binding could allow packets to be sent on behalf of other users.
  • [JM-1097] – A not-authorized error is now returned when user tries to bind a resource before authenticating.
  • [JM-1137] – JIDs were incorrectly compared.
  • [JM-845] – Password no longer changes randomly in “Email Settings”.
  • [JM-1113] – XML properties could be set which contain XML entities.
  • [JM-1123] – Presences sent between components are now routed.
  • [JM-1129] – Retrieving room history was not working in Oracle.
  • [JM-1069] – Modules were cleaned up before stopping plugins.
  • [JM-1143] – Fixed typo in Kuala Lumpur time zone.
  • [JM-1168] – Deleting a user in the admin console now boots them offline.
Openfire Enterprise
  • [ENT-43] – Added clustering support. (38 votes)
  • Added web client named SparkWeb.
  • [ENT-205] – Table entConParticipant failed to be created in MySQL when using charset UTF-8.
  • [ENT-234] – Conversation transcript failed to export to PDF.
  • [ENT-199] – Fixed typo in statistic sever_sessions.
Openfire Connection Manager Module
  • [JM-1066] – Client idle timeout was considering incoming and outgoing traffic. (3 votes)

Openfire Changelog